What our customers say

“Many thanks for all your effort in making our pond area into a real magnet for sitting, viewing and conversation. Visitors have already remarked favourably without exception – I just hope that anything that may develop/change will not detract from your artistic vision. We are delighted.”

M.M. Walliswood

“We are thrilled with the pond. If you ever need a reference or to show a prospective client what you have done, let us know.”

J.F. Forest Green

“Many thanks, looks fantastic as always after you have been.”

S.P. Westcott

“We had a residents’ meeting the other day, and people were unanimous in saying how good the pond has looked since you took over.”

J.D. Brockham

“A very good and attractive job. It’s just what I wanted.”

P.D. Dorking

“I am delighted with the pond and look forward to the Spring for phase 2.”

B.L. Okewood Hill

“Thank you for your tips on maintenance of the pond. I cannot tell you how much pleasure I am deriving from it – it is delightful.”

B.L. Okewood Hill

“Just to say delighted with bog garden re-planting etc. The other evening on a lovely sunny day I took my glass of wine and sat alternatively on the bench behind the pond (which is always bathed in the setting evening sun) and the bog garden, and thought to myself what magical and relaxing places you have created - so good for the soul! - if not for the wine consumption!!”

J. Hudson, Elstead

“We are so pleased with the work you have done in clearing and replanting our pond...The pond is now a picture and we hope you will be able to return on a regular basis to maintain and improve what is now a beautiful environment...”

P. Somerville, Newdigate

“Thanks very much for doing such a great job. The pond looks fantastic and we can see the fish again!”

A. Bowling, South Holmwood

“I am still amazed at what you achieved, thank you very much.”

W. Jones, South Holmwood

'Thank you for doing such an amazing job on the pond.”

N. Howsen, Buckland

Favourite Projects
A favourite project

A beautiful old concrete pool on two levels, renovated and re-planted - this is the upper pool.

A favourite project

A tiny pond that was re-built, and includes plants to attract butterflies.

A favourite project

An ornamental bog garden created on a damp area near the water's edge.

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